Group Classes

Classes are designed to hold 3 to 8 participating athletes. The  class size varies depending on class type and instructor. All classes must be paid for in advance. Make up sessions are not guaranteed but we will do our best accommodate your scheduling needs. All make ups will be schedule online.

*Pitchers should bring a catcher to their session. 

How to


We will be using our Online Store for registration. If you have been to GTP before please email Jackie for your log in information. Please do not create a new account with us. The staff at GTP will be monitoring the registrations online which will allow us to ensure that clients who have maintained attendance in a class will get first right to have their spot in the next session. Please me mindful that if you do sign up for a class we may ask you to switch to a different session. 

BP Sessions are for players 14 and up. The session will hold no more than 6 athletes. Get prepared for the weekend with more live throwing & front toss compared to instruction offered in the Hitting Classes.

The Hitting Classes are GTP are geared around instruction, teaching and developing. Our main goal is to teach the athletes the proper swing mechanics. Once the swing mechanics are in place the instructor will provide training drills to help strengthen the athlete's performance. Instructors will throw live to the hitters in the group class to challenge them in game like situations. 

Defense wins games! Join us for a defensive work out that will help improve your fielding mechanics and ability. Class will focus on and break down the proper form for throwing, fielding and positional work.

At $10 a class TeamGTP would like to help introduce the game of baseball to the younger ages. The sessions will provide a positive learning environment for the athletes. Areas of development include: throwing, hitting, defense, rules, positional work, etc. Start your training with Skills&Drills!

For additional information and or questions contact Jackie Sasko

Don't see a class that meets your scheduling or training needs?


Grab a couple friends or teammates to create your own class. Classes can be scheduled around your availability along with the instructor. Areas of development can include:

Pitching  | Hitting | Defense | Bunting | Sliding | Base Running 

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