Jackie Sasko originated GTP Softball Academy in 2009 but it was the years before the start of GTP where it all began. Jackie played at Steinert High School and as a freshman she was able to play under Jean Ruppert. This is where the dynamic duo's connection began which has ultimately lead to the development of GTP Softball Academy. Jean, also known as "Rupp," coached Jackie through the end of her freshman year. After Sasko graduated from high school she attended college to only learn that softball and teaching was her passion. During Jackie's sophomore year in college she was approached by Rupp to help coach a travel team in the area, which solidified her love for coaching. It was from that day on the two have worked side-by-side teaching the game. 

It is with the continued support from Rupp that has allowed Jackie to run with her dream to build a home for young student athletes to learn and train. Together they have built a strong softball program within the doors of Game Time Performance. They have been joined with other instructors from the area that have made their program that much more unique. The TEAM has created a method of madness of training - Crazy World Of Jackie & Rupp's Word. This dynamic duo, Coach Sasko and Coach Ruppert, is one that cannot be duplicated. Together they are dedicated to the game of softball- no obstacle is impossible.

The original Game Time Performance was located on Route 33 in the middle of Hamilton Square, New Jersey. The facility consisted of 4 batting tunnels, 2 turf areas, a weight room and 3 office areas. They shared space with Gallagher Baseball and the Performance Training Space at Game Time Performance. The family at GTP had out grown the facility in 2014, which lead them to move to a bigger facility across town.

In the summer of 2014, GTP Training Academy moved to a new facility located on Route 130. This facility is where GTP Softball Academy is currently located. The facility has 10 hitting tunnels, a turf infield, a weight room, and many office areas. We have expanded our softball staff to more instructors and have also welcomed the Cheetah Softball Program.

GTP Softball Academy is dedicated to the game. As a TEAM we will continue to educate, teach, support and train our athletes. We are geared to teaching the girls not only the technical and physical aspects of the game but also life long lessons that can be learned on the field. 

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GTP Softball Academy

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