"My daughter started working with Jackie at GTP when she was 6 years old! She absolutely loves the game of softball and has since she first played t-ball. I heard about GTP from a friend and figured I'd give it a shot. I scheduled Julianna with Jackie and I remember picking her up from her first lesson and she was going a mile a minute about how much fun she had! Of course she told me the important "softball" things they worked on but most importantly she immediately acknowledged that Jackie is always "happy". I found that to be an interesting observation from a young child and since my daughter loved it so much we continued on. My daughter just turned 9 and is one of 3 pitchers on a competitive 10u travel team in Mercer County. She has been working with Jackie for 3 years and I cannot say enough POSITIVE things about her. She has helped Julianna develop into an awesome softball player and pitcher, but more than that she has taught my daughter to be confident, calm, and POSITIVE. Jackie has been there for Jules when she was having a bad day, or struggling with a new technique, and even when we switched teams.  My daughter, as well as my husband and I, trusts her and enjoys learning from  her.

I’m writing this review because I think it’s so important to thank the people in our children’s lives who are the “ good/positive influences”. The people who will have an impact on our children’s lives and leave it a little better because of how they treat them or behave themselves. I know Jackie's job is fulfilling because I can see it in the way she treats my daughter. I appreciate the fact that she recognizes that these kids look up to her! Julianna asks us every day “ do I have Jackie tonight?” When the answer is yes, she is overjoyed!!! Obviously, we are thrilled with the softball knowledge Jackie has shared with her, but more importantly we are so happy to have her as a positive role model in her life. I think Jackie and GTP are awesome for the softball set up they have for the girls in our area to learn about the game, but I think it's important to realize when someone teaches our children they are shaping more than just their softball technique! I'm so thrilled there is a place where she can express her love of the game and she can share that with an instructor who loves teaching it to others. Jackie, and all the instructors make all the girls feel special and cared about, and teach them the sport with positivity in a world that is so negative. They don't only make them better softball players, I truly believe they are contributing to making them better people as well and for that we are so appreciative. I have never witnessed Jackie on a bad day... she's always "Jackie" and that goes a long way with our family! 

As a parent I believe my first job is to make sure my daughter is happy, healthy, and enjoying life! She loves softball so much but at the end of the day it is a game, and we support her wanting to play it nonstop 100%, but I want her to have a childhood too. We are so happy to have a place like GTP for her to be a softball player... a kid.. an athlete.. an equal. Jackie's organization and what she stands for is something I'm proud to contribute to. Julianna is lucky to have the entire GTP team... as are so many other children they work with. We train individually and as a team, and we have never had a negative experience. I wish Jackie and GTP nothing but the greatest success and I thank them for truly being AWESOME!"      --Celeste Vignets

March 24, 2019

Vince Saba

We have our first travel game this Sunday so we should be done with our winter training at Team 85.  I just wanted to say that Daniel was a phenomenal instructor for our team.  I have seen many instructors since my son starting taking lessons 3 years ago and Daniel is by far the best.  We were lucky to have him and hope to do this again next year.


Thanks so much.

June 26, 2018

Tara Shelborne

I sincerely want to thank GTP and especially Coach Dan for his hard work and dedication. Chase has improved so much in the last few months. Coach Dan has helped Chase with his confidence and skill level.  He looks forward to going each week and has made Chase love baseball even more. We’re  so thankful and happy that we join the GTP family and appreciate everything that you do. He couldn’t have made All-Stars without Coach Dan‘s help and encouragement. 

January 03, 2017

Ed Wiston

My daughter has been involved with a number of top travel organizations up and down NJ.  She has had many coaches and trainers, but by far the best we have found have been at GTP.   They easily provide the best instructors, and I’d hight recommend Jean Ruppert  and Trish Caroll.   

First, if it wasn’t for Coach Ruppert, my daughter probably would not still be playing softball.  My daughter started group lessons with Jean, in 2014, as a .050 hitter (and lucky to be on a team).  By the end of the following spring she was hitting .400+.  Since then she consistently hits .440+ in PONY and USSSA.  Additionally, Jean has provided her with confidence and increased herself esteem. If you are fortunate enough to get Coach Ruppert as a private hitting instructor, I’d jump on the opportunity.


Another session I’d highly recommend is Coach Trish Caroll’s defensive classes.  My daughter had poor throwing form (my fault) and therefore didn’t get trained on any infield positions.  So, in October, I enrolled her in Coach Trish’s defensive classes.  Coach Trish takes on a handful of girls for and provides constant feedback throughout the lesson.  She actually provides training and it really shows in the end product.  My daughter has attended 13-15 weeks of these sessions and her skills have changed dramatically, all thanks to Trish.

GTP offers top coaching from experienced professionals.  They genuinely care about the girls they are instructing. No Daddy ball.

July 27, 2015

Joseph E. Pintinalli II

I can't say enough about GTP. I have 2 daughters that have been with Jackie and her staff for 2 years now. Not only is the training second to none, but the staff always goes above and beyond with great customer service. When your athlete is ready to go to the next level, go straight to Game Time Performance!

April 12, 2016

Craig & Jennifer Haley

We want to say thanks for helping Alex improve as a hitter. Her hands get through the zone quicker and she's driving the ball better. She was always an opposite-field hitter, so you have unlocked something in her. She says she realizes she will step too early or double-step and knows she has to work on it.  But she looks much better all the time.

September 30, 2015

Richard A. Bell

My daughter has been going to GTP for many years and has gotten better each year with there help , thank you GTP

August 26, 2017

​Christine Hutchison

I can't say enough in about what you're doing with my girls at GTP.  The twins are hitting the ball like mad. They are so excited that the help you've given to them is paying off. I must repeat, they have NEVER, looked forward to any training as much as with you because of your manner of teaching, your demeanor, and the results. They are actually recognizing what's happened when an at bat wasn't as successful as they wanted it to be. Moreover, they are making the corrections on their own! That's key from my perspective. Wanted to give a shout out of thanks to you and Coach Trish for the work you've done with them in such a short time to get them ready for every 'game time'!! 


Christine Hutchison

January 06, 2016

Joe Dino

I can't begin to tell you the impact you have had on her. I had to work in Trenton tonight and she txt me after practice and told me I just had the best workout of my life, I I'll call you when I get home. When she got home she called me and  told me everything you guys did at practice. She told me she has never learned more from any teacher or coach in her life. I've noticed dramatic improvements in her pitching, hitting and mental approach to the game since you have been helping her.  She works so hard and has been plateaued lately and was really getting frustrated. Whatever you do you have truly made a difference and I just wanted you to know what a great job you are doing. Thank you so much.

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